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Margaux Saveurs will enhance all your senses this weekend!

The first festival took place in 2010 and was run by a non profit organisation called Margaux Saveurs. Margaux is a French town just north of Bordeaux, home of the most exquisite wines in the world.

The goal of Margaux Saveurs? Promoting the local agricultural heritage through a wide range of food and drinks. Margaux is one of the many 'AOC' wines (a French label meaning Controlled Designation of Origin) which guarantees transparency and quality of any winery's products and methods. Margaux AOC is composed of several towns: Arsac, Labarde, Soussans and Margaux-Cantenac.

Connoisseur or beginner, this tasty festival will attract all kinds of onlookers. It is also family-friendly with many fun activities throughout the festival.

Every year at the end of harvest season, Margaux Saveurs and its local partners allow us to come and visit the winery and enjoy a guided wine tasting. You can also take part in various activities (sports, arts, gigs) and meet with local producers. Meals made with typical delicacies from South-West France and rinsed with matching Médoc nectars will add to the enjoyment.

Four days of pleasure and learning for all ages and all budgets!

Around ten volunteers have been working hard to make this 14th festival the best local entertainment of the season.

What to do?

  • From grapes to bottle process: Discovering wineries and understanding both ancestral and innovating savoir-faire.

  • Margaux and biodiversity: Have a stroll through the vineyard and learn about the latest ecofriendly methods of winemaking.

  • Delicacy: wine, chocolate and cheese tastings.

  • Architecture: travel back in time and hear about the many stories of centuries-old Margaux wine properties.

Main events

- Opening concert at Margaux-Cantenac church

- La Gerbaude (harvest celebration) at Margaux public hall

- Farmers' market at Château Les Barraillots

- Tasting stalls and scavenger hunt at Maison des vins de Margaux

- Visit the wine island on the estuary aboard Pierre's boat.

Do not miss!

Saturday / Evening tasting market. Products from the Medoc, foodtrucks and musical gig. You can eat at the market.

Sunday / Dinner at the Château of Arsac: welcome cocktail whilst visiting the property and its numerous artworks. A 3-course meal will follow, served with Château Arsac wines.

In Medopole

On Friday 19th at Arsac church: Basque choir concert at 8.30pm by Etxekoak. Why not go to El Boqueria bar beforehand (tapas and wine for €20, concert ticket incl.)

More on Margaux Saveurs. Booking required.


Adapted in English by C.BL

Proofreading by Laura Millar

Original article by Lydia Besse

Free domain photo

Drinking excessively will cause harm to your body and mind.



exquisite - exquis

winery - domaine viticole

onlookers - badauds, visiteurs

harvest - moisson, récolte

gig - concert

delicacy - mets fins

entertainment - divertissement

stroll - balade

Catering and accommodation - restauration et hébergement

Tasting stalls - stands de dégustation

scavenger hunt - chasse au trésor

aboard - à bord de

3-course meal - repas entrée-plat-dessert

Booking - réservation

beforehand - d'abord


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